Up, Up and Away

Bricknell Primary School & David Bunting Present – Up, Up and Away


A couple of children have an amazing hot air balloon adventure, visiting Ireland, France and Germany. Journeying past the Giants Causeway, the Eiffel Tower, and other incredible sights, they try out their language skills, eat ice-cream, and sing songs.

Based on an original concept by school teacher, Jessica Wolf, “Up, up and away” was created as a school project to teach foreign language skills in a fun and memorable context that embraces children’s creativity and love of animation. Bricknell Primary School is recognised as a leading European Primary school, teaching foreign languages. Facilitated by animator David Bunting, who previously worked with Jessica Wolf on a learning programme with BBC Hull.

Year of Production 2007

Running Time (mins)




2008 BAF award for Best Film Produced by Young Animators


Created and animated by year 4 pupils Bricknell Primary School, Hull.

Animation Facilitated by David Bunting