I Wish I Went To Ecuador

Film Description
An immersive, animated documentary taking you into the heart of the Ecuadorian rainforest. A child’s eye view of a life changing expedition by their teacher, Mrs Jones and their joint mission to preserve these vital forests.

Pupils at Bricknell Primary School collaborated with animator David Bunting and local campaigning organisation, One Hull of a Rainforest, to create this animated campaign film. The Maquipucuna Reserve is a privately owned reserve covering over 6,000 hectares in North Eastern Ecuador. The area in which it is in is ranked as one of the world’s top five “biodiversity hotspots”.

Pupils at Bricknell Primary School collaborated with animator David Bunting and local campaign organisation ‘One Hull of a Rainforest’ to create an animated campaign film about the Ecuadorian rainforest.

The film is inspired by one primary teacher’s life changing visit to the Cloud Forest, the Rain Forest and the Andes at Easter in 2010. Victoria Jones was given the amazing opportunity alongside eleven other teachers from the UK, with an engineer from BP.

They travelled to Ecuador for a once in a lifetime trip to see deforestation first hand. This then enabled her to share her real life experiences with children from her home town. Her story enthralled her pupils so much, they decided to make an animated film to tell her story, helping create awareness of rainforest conservation.
Details about One Hull of a Rainforest can be found at http://www.onehullofarainforest.co.uk/



  • Hollywood International Family Film Festival, Best Foreign Film, Youth Fest award, USA 2012
  • Young Animators Award, Bradford Animation Festival, UK 2011

BAF Jury 
“We were so impressed by the epic cinematic quality of this film, not only with its glorious colours, but with its inventive technique. On top of this was a very powerful and moving message presented with such charm and infectious energy.”

  • 2 Grand Prizes for Best Overall Film, Kids for Kids UK Film Festival 2011 Professional & youth Jury (6-12 catagory)

Kids for Kids UK Professional Jury
“There were several contributing factors that made this film stand out from the rest in its category. The level of detail in the set design and the clever use of materials created a fantastic landscape with lots of depth. This combined with the imaginative use of the camera to really get down into the world made the viewing of the film feel like a really immersive experience. Most importantly the overall environmental message was handled very intelligently without it feeling like you were being lectured to, more like you were part of a discussion.”

Kids for Kids UK Youth Jury
“…for sharing a very personal message through excellent animation and a wonderful use of narration.”

  • 3rd Prize, We the Peoples Film Festival, UK


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