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Meet the Pastoral Team

Mrs Stannard

Head of School

My name is Mrs Stannard. I am Head of School and part of the safeguarding team. I am so proud of the children within our school and I want everybody to feel safe, happy and comfortable at Bricknell. My door is always open if any child would like to come and speak to me.

Miss Chapman

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

My name is Miss Chapman. I am the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), part of the safeguarding team and Wellbeing Lead. I am committed to making sure that all children at Bricknell have the support that they need to thrive, whatever that may be. I am also passionate about ensuring that our families and staff have support available and this is communicated effectively.

Miss Waites

Designated Safeguarding Lead

My name is Miss Waites. I am the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) at Bricknell. My job is to make sure that all children are safe, happy and healthy both at home and school. I am always available to talk to any child about anything and I will always strive to put the appropriate support in place for anyone who requires it. 

Miss Littleproud

Attendance Officer

My name is Miss Littleproud. I am the attendance officer at Bricknell and also part of the safeguarding team. My job involves ensuring that barriers are removed to support all children in accessing school, and providing support while they are at Bricknell if required. I work alongside children, families and external agencies to provide holistic support for children. 

Miss Hutchings

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

My name is Mrs Hutchings. I am a trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) and love working with children to support their social, emotional and communication needs. I know that children learn better and are happier in school if their emotional needs are also addressed and I am committed to doing this. I work with children across the school but primarily within Key Stage Two.

Miss Jorna

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

My name is Miss Jorna. I am also a trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) at Bricknell. I work primarily in Key Stage One and support children in a wide range of needs. I am very good at helping children to feel safe and comfortable, giving them tools to manage and regulate their emotions.

Miss Bielby

Medical Officer

My name is Miss Bielby. I am the medical officer at Bricknell and my job is to make sure that everyone is safe and healthy. I also patch everyone up if they have had an accident! I see lots of children who require emotional support too and my door is always open if anyone feels they need someone to speak to.

Katie Bowers

Advotalk Support Worker

My name is Katie and I am an Advotalk support worker. We work with children who are experiencing anxiety, low-self-esteem and a number of other life impacting issues, in a preventive manner through creative arts and one-to-one support. Listening to children is central to the approach, and provides the starting point for effective and bespoke interaction with pupils, families and staff.

I am delighted with how happy she is at school.  Her skills are clearly progressing and she is extremely well supported.  Her teacher clearly knows her very well.’

- parent comments

I cannot fault the school or staff.  Everyone is very supportive.’

- parent comments

‘Positive environment and appropriate challenge for development, excellent.’

- parent comments

Any concerns raised have been dealt with swiftly.’

- parent comments

My son is extremely happy in all aspects of school.  Fantastic teacher and an excellent education. ‘

- parent comments

‘She is enjoying school a lot.  She is challenged appropriately and not over-loaded with homework.  She speaks positively about her time at the school and her teacher.’

- parent comments

‘We are very happy with Bricknell as a whole.  He is becoming more confident and is well supported.  Thank you to all of the teachers.’

- parent comments

‘She is very happy at school and I only hear positive things.  Many thanks to all the teaching staff.’

- parent comments

‘Very happy with my child’s start to year 5.’

- parent comments

‘Thank you for helping us with her worries and for the support.’

- parent comments

Thank you so much to all of the  members of staff; our child is extremely happy here and we are very grateful.’

- parent comments

‘We couldn’t be happier with the care and education my child has received so far.’

- parent comments