Parents have a responsibility to ensure that their children receive full time education. Regular attendance is essential if children are to progress with their learning.

Please inform the school by 9.30am by phone, email, or in person, if your child is unwell and unable to attend school. If we have no reason for the absence by 9.30am the absence will be recorded as unauthorised. We will ring parents if your child is absent from school and we have not received notification. Please also notify us if your child has a medical appointment.

Term Time Holidays
From June 2013, school’s no longer have any authority to authorise absence for a family holiday during term time. Any such absence is unauthorised. We would appreciate advanced notification of any absence wherever possible so we can account for your child’s absence without needing to call or text you.

There are a small number of very exceptional circumstances when a holiday absence may be granted. These are defined as:

  • Service personnel and other employees who are prevented from taking
    holidays outside term time.
  • Acute crisis within the family, where the family needs to spend time
    together to support each other.
  • Court order/formal agreement where parents have separated.

Please see Attendance Policy for full details.

Punctuality important and late arrivals disrupt the routines of the school, as well as missing important learning at the start of the school day. We would therefore request that parents make every effort to ensure their child/ren are in school for 8.50am.