Staff List

Leadership Team
Executive Lead
Head of School
Acting Deputy
Assistant Heads
Mr Attwater
Mrs Stannard
Miss Waites
Mr Mullen
Miss Chapman (Currently on Maternity Leave)
Year groupsTeaching StaffSupport Staff
Year 5 and 6 team

Phase leader: Mr Kitching
Mr Mullen (Y6)
Mrs Martin (Y6)
Mr Kitching (Y6)
Mrs Barton (Y6)
Mrs Chapman (Y5)
Mrs Thompson / Mrs Pickering (Y5)
Mrs Eldon (Y5)
Miss Rudd
Mr Oakley
Year 3 and 4 team

Phase leader: Miss Wilkinson
Mrs Healeas (Y4)
Miss Gibbins (Y4)
Mr Sharpe (Y4)
Miss Melbourne (Y3)
Miss Ainley (Y3)
Mr Chatfield (Y3)
Mrs Peel
Year 1 and 2 team

Phase leader: Mrs Schofield
Mrs Schofield (Y2)
Mrs Hay/Miss Tomlinson (Y2)
Miss Moore (Y2)
Miss Ellis (Y1)
Mrs Giles (Y1)
Miss Hanrahan (Y1)
Mrs Lawson
Mrs Ellis
Mrs Coggin
Mrs Coulman (Autumn Term)
Mrs Armstrong
EYFS team

Phase leader: Mrs Jones
Mrs Jones (F2)
Mrs Perkins (F2)
Miss Alcock (F2)
Miss Archibald (F1)
Mrs Coulman
Mrs Graves
Mrs Kendall
Mrs Nicholson
Miss Sylvester
Miss Ellis
Mrs Moran
Miss Clegg Mrs Pulford
Mrs Pearce
Resource Provision
Miss BotterillMiss Clay
Mrs Stephenson
Mrs Hutchings
Mrs Emmerson
Miss Cresswell
PPA/NQT CoverMrs Wheatley
Cover Supervisor
Emotional Well-beingMrs Hollas
ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Worker) Miss Clay
Mrs Hutchings
Other Staff
Admin Manager
Admin Team
Site Manager
Site Facilities Officers
Mrs Drewry
Mrs Suggitt, Mrs Ford, Mrs Spriggs, Mrs Rudd
Mr McDonald
Mr Atkinson

'We couldn’t be happier with the care and education my child has received so far.'
- parent comments
'I cannot fault the school or staff.  Everyone is very supportive.'
- parent comments
'Thank you for helping us with her worries and for the support.'
- parent comments
'Positive environment and appropriate challenge for development, excellent.'
- parent comments
'I am delighted with how happy she is at school.  Her skills are clearly progressing and she is extremely well supported.  Her teacher clearly knows her very well.'
- parent comments
'Thank you so much to all of the  members of staff; our child is extremely happy here and we are very grateful.'
- parent comments
'My son is extremely happy in all aspects of school.  Fantastic teacher and an excellent education. '
- parent comments
'Any concerns raised have been dealt with swiftly.'
- parent comments
'She is enjoying school a lot.  She is challenged appropriately and not over-loaded with homework.  She speaks positively about her time at the school and her teacher.'
- parent comments
'We are very happy with Bricknell as a whole.  He is becoming more confident and is well supported.  Thank you to all of the teachers.'
- parent comments
'She is very happy at school and I only hear positive things.  Many thanks to all the teaching staff.'
- parent comments
'Very happy with my child’s start to year 5.'
- parent comments