Staff List

Leadership Team
Executive Lead
Interim Head of School
Assistant Head
Assistant Head
Mr Attwater
Mrs Stannard (Safeguarding, SENDCO)
Miss Waites (Safeguarding Lead, Behaviour & Pastoral Care)
Miss Hyde (From Easter 2017)
Year groupsTeaching StaffSupport Staff
Year 5 and 6 team

Phase leader: Mr Mullen
Mr Mullen (Y6)
Miss Lowther (Y6)
Mrs Barton (Y6)
Mrs Hay (Y6)
Ms Sargieson (Y6 & Nurture)
Mr Kitching (Y5)
Mr Dunlin (Y5)
Miss Clegg (Y5)
Mrs Redhead
Mrs Stephenson
Miss Rudd
Year 3 and 4 team

Phase leader: Miss Kirman
Miss Kirman (Y4)
Miss Driscoll (Y4)
Mr Ellis (Y4)
Mrs Wheatley (Y3)
Mrs Pickering (Y3)
Mrs Perkins (Y3)
Miss Wilkinson (Y3)
Mrs Coggin
Mrs Peel
Mrs Bellringer
Mrs Cracknell
Year 1 and 2 team

Phase leader: Miss Leach
Miss Leach (Y2)
Miss Boyd (Y2)
Mrs Inchbold (Y2)
Miss Tomlinson (Y1)
Miss Ellis (Y1)
Mrs McFadyen (Y1)
Mrs Hudson (Y1)
Mrs Newton
Mrs Armstrong
Mrs Pearce
Mrs Moran
Mrs Lawson
Mrs Ellis
Mrs Thackeray
Mrs Hatfield
Mrs Pulford
Mrs Allison
EYFS team

Phase leader: Mrs Jones
Mrs Jones (F2)
Miss Moore (F2)
Miss McCarlie (F2)
Miss Archibald (F1)
Mrs Coulman
Mrs Ham
Miss Silvester
Mrs Graves
Mrs Nicholson
Mrs Moran
Other Staff
School Business Manager
Premises Manager
Admin Manager
Admin Assistants
Site Facilities Officers

Pastoral / Medical
Behaviour Support
Mr Kennington
Mr Hass
Mrs Drewry
Mrs Suggitt, Mrs Ford, Mrs Spriggs, Mrs Rudd
Mr Atkinson
Mrs Hollas
Mrs Hutchings