School Uniform

Foundation Stage

Further to our New Parents Meeting for our Foundation children, we would like to clarify our school uniform.

From September 2017 our Foundation Stage uniform will be the following: Black shoes, grey socks, grey trousers/shorts/skirt/dress, white collared shirt/polo shirt and a navy blue jumper/cardigan. During the summer months a summer dress may be worn.

PE Kit

Our PE kit is as follows: navy blue shorts, blue Bricknell PE t-shirt and black sandshoes.

Years 1 – 6 :-

We understand that buying new school uniform can be expensive. Therefore we are not asking for parents to go out and buy new uniform unnecessarily. Children in Years 1-6 are welcome to wear their current uniforms for the next academic year. However, we would like to ask that, when the time does come to buy new uniform, please could parents buy grey trousers/skirts/shorts/dresses and also white collared shirts/polo shirts over the next academic year, as we would like all children to be wearing this by September 2018.

• Navy sweater, cardigan or school sweatshirt.
• Blue or white polo shirt.
• Grey or black trousers / shorts.
• A navy pinafore or skirt. Blue checked summer dresses in the summer.
• Plain black shoes.

Brightly coloured or patterned socks or tights are not permitted.

Some children wear sweatshirts or cardigans with the school logo on. These can be purchased from the school office and are available in a range of sizes.

Children should also bring black sandshoes to wear inside school if the weather is poor.

It is a good idea for younger pupils to have shoes with velcro fastenings.

Please make sure all clothing is labelled clearly to avoid confusion and loss.


Children will be expected to change for P.E. and games.

They should wear:

• A light blue t-shirt (football shirts are not permitted)
• Black or navy shorts.
• Black sandshoes.
• Children in Key Stage 2 will need a pair of trainers and a tracksuit for outdoor games lessons.

We sell t-shirts for PE with the school logo on and PE bags to keep their kit in; these are available at the school office.

In the interest of safety we request that children do not wear jewellery in school. If a child has recently pierced ears and they are unable to remove their earrings, they should wear plain studs only.

Rings should not be worn as they can cause injury on the playground. Children may wear watches but must accept responsibility for looking after them.

Book Bags
Strong nylon bags, printed with the school logo, are available from the office to ensure reading books and homework are kept dry and safe. Please label the bags clearly with your child’s name.